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Sustainable Investing in Practice
Authored by: Simon Smiles and James Purcell

Investing profitably while improving outcomes for people and the planet is the (often elusive) promise of sustainable investing. Sustainable Investing in Practice gives readers the understanding they need to achieve the impact they desire.

Sustainable Investing in Practice features practical examples, humour and interviews in each chapter. Experts such as Paul Polman KBE, Richard Curtis OBE and Gillian Tett discuss the discipline from their unique viewpoints. They offer useful ideas for how to take sustainable finance forward while balancing credibility with commerciality. This is a must-read for every finance professional, investor and regulator, whether they are seeking to fast track their career, bring sustainable learning to their organization, or upgrade their understanding of this complex, crucial topic.

The book, written by two long-time sustainable investing practitioners, delivers a unique overview for a broad audience. Through the authors' personal experiences the book offers readers deep insight into the current environment, a realistic account of what works and what doesn’t, and offers thought-provoking ideas applicable to a reader’s experience and career.

“A refreshing change from theoretical papers. The authors are seasoned practitioners.”

Mark Haefele

Chief Investment Officer

UBS Global Wealth Management

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